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All you need is your email address and a password you can remember, do not tell anyone your email address with Wintersweet. Consider to create a new one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you need an email address that you and only you have access to register.
We do not verify your mobile number, but you need one.
Yes, the current minimum quantity for a withdrawal is 200, and we may change the quantity in the future, please check in the app when you are about to withdraw coins.
Yes, please upload a piece of photo ID in the app. We accept passport, ID card and driver’s license.
Yes, you will have to upload a piece of photo ID, the amount that you are going to withdraw and the date on a piece of paper handwritten.
Yes, the current minimum order quantity is 1, this may change in the future updates.
There is a 1% fee for sellers only. There is no charge to buyers.
Yes, the current charge to withdraw coins is 15%. This may change this in the future.
No, you can make payment directly from your imtoken wallet.
You will get an email with the payment information inside, please monitor your inbox.
The seller may report in the app that you did not make the payment, and you will be suspended from trading in the system until you resolve the issue.
You will get an email with payment instructions.
When you get the notice from the app that your order matched with a seller(s), you have 24 hours to make payment, please check your email for payment details.
Every member will have their own level in their profile. The higher the level, the larger of an order they can place.
Yes, if your trading volume falls in the trailing 30 days, your level will decrease.

Why Invest With Wintersweet

  • Unique algorithm, never enter a Price again

  • Easy to Use, Only two Buttons, Good for One hand Operation

  • Security, we save your coins in a separate location

  • Self Serve Trading, You Can Do All The Trading Without Our Assistance.

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